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I.M.P.B.A. 1/16th mile straightline [class] world speed records powered by Neu motors [up-dated] May '08


Hydro: N-2, O-2, P, and S

Mono: N-2, O-2, P, Q, S, and T

Tunnel: N-2 and O-2

Sport Hydro: N-2, O-2, P, Q, and S

Neu motors hold 15 of 24 brushless motor class 1/16th mile straightline world speed records in the I.M.P.B.A.

Current I.M.P.B.A. 1/16th mile Fast Electric r/c boat World Speed Records powered by as of 23 March 2006.

N-2 Hydro..... 66.060 mph............. Chris Harris
O-2 Hydro..... 80.790 mph............. Chris Harris
N-2 Mono...... 45.574 mph............. Brian Buaas
O-2 Mono...... 46.401 mph................. Ray Fuller
P-Mono.......... 60.943 mph................. Ray Fuller
Q-Mono......... 66.398 mph... Green-Crowther
T-Mono.......... 71.361 mph... Green-Crowther
N-2 Tunnel... 47.579 mph................ Jay Turner
O-2 Tunnel... 40.827 mph................ Jay Turner
N-2 Sport...... 51.903 mph............... Ron Green
O-2 Sport...... 67.044 mph............ Brian Buaas
P-Sport........... 80.964 mph............ Brian Buaas


I know you keep track of records set with your motors. The premere class in NAMBA FE boat racing is now 1/8 SCALE HYDROPLANE.

I used a NEU 1521 1.5 to set 5 lap 5/8 mile Oval Record in a my 43" `SQUIRE SHOP' Velasco scale hydroplane last sept at the 06 N.J. Nats. Shattered the previous record by over 8 seconds!

I'm looking powering my new ATLAS VAN LINES with Lipo & NEU 1527 power for the 07 season. Your new NEU 4900's look interesting.

Your motors are fantastic! Keep up the good work!


Ken Joye

`MACH 5 racing'

NAMBA 1818

NeuMotors not only make planes fly--but boats also!

P-Hydro  103 mph 1509/1.5D, 12  IB4200WC cells. Fastest current record for P-Hydro in the world!

Our 15 series motors now hold many of the major records for electric powered boats. The ability to turn at high RPM efficiently coupled with very low resistance makes them ideal for breaking records.

Doug Smock's I.M.P.B.A. 1/16th mile straightline record holding Neu powered Seaducer P, Q, and S mono's...

Neu 2215 powered Seaducer "Capital One" claims the I.M.P.B.A. T-Mono straightline speed record and lays down a fast pass of 87.108 mph at the FE-IV record time trials at Blue Lake in Valdosta, GA.

Dear Steve,

                I am pleased to say congratulations to you ( and also Doug Twaits jr.) for obtaining the fastest 1 mile heat time ever, in any fuel source category, gas, electric or nitro, in any organization.

    Doug just set the record at 101.93 seconds for the 1 mile race held at Camp Dearborn in Michigan, should be an interesting warm up for the Nationals, I am including a couple of pictures, it was done on 8s 1p, and a Neu 1527. ( Namba S-Hydro)


I must say the display of Neu motors and their sucess at the Michigan Cup was outstanding, and the amount of power available was Awesome.


My very Best Regards


Eddie Hansen

Team RumRunner

NAMBA #  359

Dear Steve,

I would like to thank you on behalf of Mike Martin and myself for the high performance of your Neu Motors and Neu Energy Lipo batteries. This past weekend at the IMPBA Fast Electric SAWS event held in Valdosta Georgia, we were able to set world records in both S & T Hydro. In the S-Hydro we ran 91.277 mph, with a fast pass of 91.986 mph, this was 5 mph better than the previous record. In the T-Hydro we ran 104.263 mph with a fast pass of 104.944 mph. This was 33 mph better than the previous record.

This record break through certainly would not have been possible if not for the use of your motors and lipo batteries. With some further testing we hope to push the Rico Racing Rigger to even higher speeds next spring back at Valdosta.

Thanks again for your excellent equipment, Ken Haines

Wave Blasters of Florida

Hi Steve,

last weekend Achim Kurrecks ran his HPR 135 cat for the first time on a nice and wide lake. He ran a twin setup of your 2215/1Y on 10s1p LiPo each. The boat reached a GPS measured top speed of 204 kph = 126.8mph and ran pretty solid. The motors were cold, they are fan and water cooled. This is the first time a RC model cat ran over 200 kph, a goal quite some guys here in Germany were shooting for.

Similar situation on a Q sport hydro (6s1p LiPo) and a 1527/1D, but just fan cooled. The boat reached 165kph = 102.5mph easily and the motor temp did not increase at all - it looked like the motor did not participate in the run.

You build some awesome motors.