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“Monster Power”


Picturess of my Neu powered 1/8th scale [unlimited] monster truck "electric" conversion...

it's a beast!


Team F.U.B.A.R. Racing

Winter Park, Florida

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i got my 1/8th scale electric truggy on a off-road track testing in Daytona Beach on Saturday afternoon...

it was the class of the field among the nitro powered buggies and truggy's at the track with enough power to drive thru the pack at will...

you can list this set-up for a Neu 1515 1Y/F electric conversion in a 1/8th scale truggy...

Losi 8IGHT-T race roller chassis

Neu 1515 1Y/F 2200kv motor

[4s-2p] NeuEnergy 4100's

stock spur gear/14 tooth [HS] 5mm pinion

7000/30,000/5000 dif. oil

after a 15 min. test run under race conditions...

the motor was 127 degrees

the esc was 118 degrees

and the cells were 121 degrees

History seems to repeat ! Nic Case gets top honors at the ISC Insane Speed Run held on April 25,2009. With a closed course speed of over 83mph. He drove away from the crowd with his car powered with a 15 series NeuMotor. For a video and info of his 83mph run click on these links: