NeuMotors and Caslte Creations are proud to supply the motors and controllers to the USA F3C helicopter team pilots Curtis Youngblood, Dwight Shilling and Wayne Mann. Team USA took home the Gold at the 2009 F3C World Champs in Muncie! They were flying 1912H/1Y and 1915H/1Y motors--the very same ones that we build for you!

It looks like that electric power is set to take over many traditional FAI events from the nitro motors!

Hello Mr. Neu,

it was a pleasure Dirk Belting doing second place and me (Marcel Kremer) doing first place in the first Competition of the German Championships.

Thanks for the great motors, looking forward using them in the next WC.

Kind regards,

Marcel Kremer


Team Italy takes the Gold and Remo Frattini taking first place individual in the 2009 F5B Euro Cup in Romania. Congratulations to  Alessandro Mossa and Piermario Cavaggioni. Power supplied by NeuMotors.

Marcel Kramer  wins the 2009 German F5D Championships!

NeuMotors was very pleased to be able to supply the motors. The Muncie F5D WC in 2010 is going to be a great contest!


Hi Steve,


The 2009 Ultimate Speed Run was a big success!

Thank you so much for the support from Neu Motors! We should see some coverage in RC Driver and RC Car Action in the next few months.

Here is a shot of most of the gang.

Nic Case

We had 9 go over 100 mph

Nic Case                      154.43 mph

Tim Smith                     126.50 mph

Richard Tompkins            121.43 mph

Paul Caruso                  119.20 mph

Brian Sigsworth            112.14 mph

Brian Pohlman            103.23 mph

Tim Smith                     101.61 mph

Jason Anderson            101.46 mph

Marc Davidson            101.24 mph

NeuMotors was pleased to help sponsor the 2009 Ultimate Speed Run and to have powered Nic Case’s winning entry!

"New record " !!!!

Marcel Kremer makes a 55 sec run in F5D