We are starting a major upgrade to the NeuMotors website. We will be improving the ability to find information as well as to makeorderingthe right motor easier and faster. Along with the revided web site we will be introducing a number of new motors.

Along with the new website we will be making some changes and additions to the products we have available. One of the more exciting items we will be bringing are professional grade multicopter motors—unlike others who dress up hobby motors we started from our experiance manufacturing motors for major UAS companies to bring motors that are truly the best possible.

The initial release of the 2025 multicopter motors includes the following motors:


 Kv:700 RPM/Volt

 Io:0.7 Amps

R:0.036 Ohms  



 Kv:485 RPM/Volt

 Io:0.5 Amp

 R:0.095 Ohms


 Kv:395 R


Io:0.4 Amps

 R:0.143 Ohms

All of the 2025 motors weigh in at 3.35oz and all feature high quality NSK bearings and internal cooling fans. Magnets are N42SH grade and winding insulation is rated for over 300F. Motors support multiple propeller mounting options.                  

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